The beginning – an introduction to the random musings of yours truly

This is me, writing a blog, and other such nonsense.

Before I start to ramble, (too late!), I should probably tell you that I don’t have the internet in my flat and I don’t own a laptop that works*. Therefore if you are expecting to be able to read this with your weekly Friday Starbucks (other brands are available) then I would probably go and subscribe to something that is likely to happen a little more regularly – may I suggest my fabulous friend Sarah’s blog thehappymancdays Now there is real writing!

Due to the aforementioned technology issues this blog, unfortunately, is likely to occur about as often as Halley’s Comet but I promise I will try and make it just as spectacular. I can’t guarantee Professor Brian Cox will do a documentary about it but here’s hoping (hi Bri). Continue reading