21 Things You Need To Do Before Moving Back In With Your Parents

This is me on Thought Catalog! Can’t flipping believe they liked my piece. Please read and share.
Also – please note this is a list of what people should do, not a confession of what I have done (in case my dad sees it)!  If the full link doesn’t work click here


Thought Catalog

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Are you aged 26 to 35?

Do you rent an apartment in a city with a housemate?

Can you always find money for wine but have not yet paid the electricity bill?

Congratulations! Your life sounds awesome!

If, like me, you have made the drastic decision to get your shit together, you may have realised that the only way this is possible is to take the unenviable step and move back in with your parents.

This may be the worst decision we have ever made. Fortunately for you, I have come up with 21 things every Boomerang child needs to do before returning to the nest. Caveat – this list may have a negative overall effect on your life, but at least it will make your last few months of freedom bloody good fun!

1. Have a one-night stand

Be safe but don’t be sorry!

2. Spend a lot…

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Secrets of a 28 year-old pensioner: An ode to JB.

Before Housemate gets too excited (her initials are also JB), this is not about you. I love you dearly even though you leave tea bags in the sink and lost the key to the post-box. Your achievements are numerous and wonderful but I haven’t dedicated this blog to you. One day, maybe, but not today. Sorry love.

Neither is this blog about Justin Beiber (who I think we can all agree is starting to act like he’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic).

You’ve guessed it. We have reached the exciting episode where I explain why on earth I called my blog Sophie, She Wrote. This one is a bit longer than the others but bear with me, it ends well.

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The difficult second blog: How to be a one hit wonder and other life lessons

Wow – so that went well!

Pretty amazed at the amount of views for the last blog – thanks to those who have said lovely things. For those interested, my dad was under strict instructions not to write a comment in view of his previous history. Once upon a time he logged himself into my work’s website, gave himself the username “Dad” and wrote “Nice piece Soph love Dad” on the bottom of what was supposed to be a serious article on medical negligence law. I really appreciated the sentiment but needless to say it wasn’t quite the sort of comment the business development department had been aiming for.

So here we are – blog number two…what on earth am I supposed to do now?

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