Secrets of a 28 year-old pensioner: An ode to JB.

Before Housemate gets too excited (her initials are also JB), this is not about you. I love you dearly even though you leave tea bags in the sink and lost the key to the post-box. Your achievements are numerous and wonderful but I haven’t dedicated this blog to you. One day, maybe, but not today. Sorry love.

Neither is this blog about Justin Beiber (who I think we can all agree is starting to act like he’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic).

You’ve guessed it. We have reached the exciting episode where I explain why on earth I called my blog Sophie, She Wrote. This one is a bit longer than the others but bear with me, it ends well.

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The difficult second blog: How to be a one hit wonder and other life lessons

Wow – so that went well!

Pretty amazed at the amount of views for the last blog – thanks to those who have said lovely things. For those interested, my dad was under strict instructions not to write a comment in view of his previous history. Once upon a time he logged himself into my work’s website, gave himself the username “Dad” and wrote “Nice piece Soph love Dad” on the bottom of what was supposed to be a serious article on medical negligence law. I really appreciated the sentiment but needless to say it wasn’t quite the sort of comment the business development department had been aiming for.

So here we are – blog number two…what on earth am I supposed to do now?

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