The difficult second blog: How to be a one hit wonder and other life lessons

Wow – so that went well!

Pretty amazed at the amount of views for the last blog – thanks to those who have said lovely things. For those interested, my dad was under strict instructions not to write a comment in view of his previous history. Once upon a time he logged himself into my work’s website, gave himself the username “Dad” and wrote “Nice piece Soph love Dad” on the bottom of what was supposed to be a serious article on medical negligence law. I really appreciated the sentiment but needless to say it wasn’t quite the sort of comment the business development department had been aiming for.

So here we are – blog number two…what on earth am I supposed to do now?

Many a musician has said that you have a lifetime to write a first album and only a few weeks to write the second. This can lead to what one writer called DSAS or Difficult Second Album Syndrome. I presume a blog is no different. Whilst the first album can be a smash, unless the second album is equally as good then the gravy train can come to a grinding halt. No one buys it, your tour is cancelled and your album ends up in the bargain bin next to the seventeenth instalment of Katie Price’s life story (I haven’t read the latest but I presume it goes “baby, marriage, scandal, divorce, repeat”).

You then have to go back to the day job having upset everyone greatly by saying how much you hated it in your audition sob story. On that point – why people continue to say “I hate my job” on national TV before they have even sung a note is beyond me. Your boss is clearly watching this you fool! As for the ones that quit their jobs just to go to the audition – they should be made to sit in a room listening to Sinnita’s Greatest Hits on repeat until they realise the error of their ways.

Rant over, where was I?

This is therefore my difficult second blog. Learning lessons from one-hit wonders of the past – I still like my job (hi work fans), I have no immediate plans to launch a fragrance and I am not sure I have established the fan base or the inner thigh gap for a calendar just yet.

All this talk of one-hit wonders got me thinking and in the midst of some serious you tubing I found that most of my favourite ever songs were OHWs (I can’t be bothered to keep typing it out fully so forgive me for the acronym). They always seem to be the song that defines a period in my life.

Ok my music taste isn’t the best as most of you will attest to and yes some OHWs were horrendous – I’m talking to you Las Ketchup!

I accept that you wouldn’t request them on a night out unless you got tipsy and took over the DJ booth in a posh bar in Majorca and put the Tarzan theme tune on. No? Just me then. Fun night though.

There is also nothing worse than someone taking control of your ipod (rude by the way) only to stumble across Mmm Bop at the top of your most played list. Difficult situation to style your way out of that one – try virus/younger sibling/blame the cat.

For all their many many faults I have decided that OHWs can yield important life-long lessons and I’m not just talking about how to get back up again when you’ve been knocked down. Yes that was a chumbawumba reference, what of it?

Hopefully my blog-life won’t be over faster than you can say “Informer” but if it is I have thoroughly enjoyed it and hope I will look back in ten years’ time with misty-eyed fondness.

Lord I’ll be 38.

That’s depressing.

So what have I taken away from all this? Well, I have learned that if I am only going to have short-lived success, I’m going to write something that makes people smile. Failing that I’ll take a tip from Sir Mix a Lot and make it so annoying people won’t be able to forget it no matter how hard they try.

Hope you enjoyed this second instalment – feel free to comment below (go on then Dad – I know you want to).

Speak soon

Soph x

TECHNOLOGY UPDATE – My less than useless Sony phone has now died. I currently have the communicative ability of a pauper in 17th century England. I am adding a new phone to my wish list along with a laptop and the internet in case anyone fancies being generous.

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