The Critical Third Date – look this one has pictures!

Hi there, me again! Is this getting annoying yet?

If this is the first blog you are reading then welcome! If you are reading this because you are unfortunate enough to be friends with me on Facebook then it’s nice to see you back, sorry for strong-arming you into returning.

Since I last wrote I may have seen you, may have even been on a night out with you or more likely borrowed some money or food from you. If so I apologise unreservedly. I have realised over the course of the past few weeks that I may be talking about my blog a bit too much. Typical conversations tend to go something like:

Housemate: “So I’m going to be a bridesmaid”
Me: “what?…sorry I was too busy reading my blog. Have you seen it by the way?”

My friend Lauren: “I just had a baby and was in labour for 42 hours!”
Me: “yeah whatevs…you think that’s hard – it took me 4 hours the other day to write my blog, and I didn’t get gas and air or anything!”

Parents: “so your Dad and I are thinking of selling the house, moving to Aruba and changing our names to Fred and Wilma.”
Me: “sure…sounds good…do they have internet connection? Wouldn’t want you to miss my blog…blog blog blog blog blog”

Ok the last one about my parents isn’t true (hopefully) but you get the picture.

A friend when I mention the word "blog" (Artist's impression)

A friend when I mention the word “blog” (Artist’s impression)

I resolve to try and not talk about this as much from now on and thank you for your patience.  FYI – some people reading this don’t live in Manchester! Apparently I’m a “hit” in India (6 views baby!)  and to the one person in Iceland who has seen my blog – hallo.

Ok. Enough.

Before I get too carried away and imagine myself sipping a chai latte in Greenwich Village whilst pondering the deep injustices of the world and preparing my next Pulitzer acceptance speech I have to remind myself that I have only written 2 blogs. The Hunger Games it ain’t. Chances of me winning any literary awards or moving to New York for that matter are about the same as the chances of me sprouting wings or becoming an astronaut or not doing my stupid rap when I am drunk (Yes it happened again – I hate myself!).  Plus I hate the taste of chai – it tastes like socks.

Here we are then. The third date. This could be make or break for us. If it makes you feel better so far this is probably the best third date I have had in a long time (or the only third date I’ve had in a long time but whatever – I’m a career girl *gulps red wine*).

When I started writing for your amusement and my own sanity I swore I wouldn’t make this another “twenty-something single gal” blog. Mainly because I am inching my way towards thirty – aaa. But also other people have done it and done it better. The first Bridget Jones film was released 13 years ago! Renee has moved on and I think we should too.

This being said we are at the start of wedding season and this can sometimes turn even the most sensible of girls into a dribbling snivelling wreck.

We have all been there at some point in our lives. Currently I’d like to think I’m pretty happy being single but honestly – who cares?

So single wedding guests one and all I implore you to follow this advice.  Rather than seeing weddings as another opportunity to feel sorry for ourselves and the fact that we might die alone I am going to appreciate it for what it is.  An amazing opportunity to get all my very best friends in the same room looking slightly less dishevelled than normal with a cheesy DJ and lashings of wine.

A wedding is not the time to feel down.  It isn’t about me at all.  It is about my friends making a lifelong commitment to each other and paying for me to have a free buffet while they are at it. Not only do I feel honoured that they want me to be there but I’m flippin grateful for the invite –  Vol-au-vent anyone?

So girls (and guys) when you are at a wedding, don’t feel sorry for yourself.  Don’t cry when you have had too much toasting fizz. Be happy. Laugh lots. Appreciate the moment and, most importantly, dance like an idiot.

That’s my plan anyway.

All together now..” and we’re Rollin’ oooh Rollin on the River…”

See you soon

Soph x

p.s James, Jenny, Luke and Sonya – the above is more of a warning than anything else.  Apologies in advance xx

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