Are you there Troll? It’s me, Sophie

Previously on “Sophie, She Wrote”…

…I had what I thought was quite an amusing email correspondence with a certain supermarket.

One guy wasn’t very happy about it.

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Noodle-gate Part 2 – The Results!

Do you ever do something just for the hell of it and because you think maybe, possibly, someone, somewhere will find it funny?

And then they don’t.

This is what I panicked about after sending my complaint to Waitrose.  Oh God, what if they think I am a moron?  What if I don’t even get a response? What if they tell Delia Smith and I am banned for life from every Waitrose ever? Continue reading

It’s In The Genes: Sandi Fox v Rowntrees [1981]


Whilst you are all waiting with baited breath to find out what the response is from Waitrose  (believe me it is worth the wait) I thought I would share something fantastic with you all courtesy of my mum, Mrs Sandi Fox.

I thought I was being original with my noodle complaint.  Turns out Sandi Fox had beaten me to the punch. 33 years ago.

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Noodle-gate: Sophie -v- Waitrose [2014]

I have recently had cause to complain to Waitrose. This is the content of my letter.  Worth reading if for nothing else but the link to the upcoming Chuckle Brothers tour and the classic noodle joke at the end!

I sent it by email and by post and will let you know if/when I hear back.



Soph x


This kid gets it.

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Thought Catalog (and my issues with American spelling)

Hi there,

It has come to my attention that the link to my Thought Catalog blog hasn’t been working.  Seen as this is the one piece of writing that people other than my Facebook friends have seen I feel it is important to share the link again.

If you would like to read more about “The 21 things you should do before you move back in with your parents” please click here.

Also, before you say anything, yes it bugs me that Thought Catalog isn’t spelled properly (it’s “Catalogue” people!) but it is an American website so I guess we’ll have to let them off.  See also the tag for “Humor” below.  Those guys really don’t like the letter “u”.

Have a nice day x

This one time, in Blackpool…

What do you get when you cross 30 chicks, 1 hen, 7 drag queens, copious amounts of wine and a British seaside town?

The answer: A flippin’ great weekend and, if you are me, the flu.


This is actually us – Hen Jen is on the table. I am hiding somewhere on the left.

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