The Thank You Poem



Dear all of my friends and followers true,

I just want to say a massive thank you.

I know that this week I’ve been particularly trying

“Stop bloody blogging” I hear you all crying.


I chose to take things to a whole other level,

And in doing so I turned into a media devil.

On Facebook and Twitter and soon Google Plus,

Not even a Kardashian could make this much fuss.


My blog is on Facebook in case you’ve not seen,

Though, if you have missed it, good God where’ve you been?!

I’m aware I’m verging on friggin annoying,

With each post I write your inner child I’m destroying.


I’m sorry I’ve not asked how you’ve been this week,

I must get to work on my friendship technique.

I promise we’ll go for some wine and shots soon,

As soon as I’m over my blog honeymoon.


I’m a little obsessed with Sophie, She Wrote,

So sorry I’m forcing it right down your throat.

It’s just that I love this blog what I writ,

Regardless that some of you think that it’s shit.


I’ve written this poem Dear Reader so fair,

One day I’ll hug you to show that I care.

Till then you can find me on Facebook and Twitter

(You can’t polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter!)


Speak Soon

Soph x


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