If you vote for me I will buy you cake

Please vote for Sophie, She Wrote in the UK Blog Awards 2015.

Vote here  (Most Innovative)

Vote here (Lifestyle)

Dear Reader, It seems like we’ve been together for forever I know.  In reality it has been just over 5 months.  To make you feel better that is more than twice the length of the average celebrity marriage and the longest relationship I’ve had since Cadbury’s brought out the yard of Dairy Milk a few years ago.


Who am I kidding, of course I ate it all in one go!

I was incredibly nervous about my first post and thank you for being so nice about it, at least nice to my face but that’ll do for now.  Since May I have written 32 posts, and one rather ridiculous complaint letter.  What I thought would just be a bit of fun has now morphed into a fully fledged obsession.

Dear Reader, In the same way you helped me then I need you to help me now. The votes for UK Blog Awards are now open and I am nominated in the Lifestyle and Most Innovative categories (no I don’t know what that means either).

I am aware that your time is precious but if you could spare 30 seconds to vote I will buy you a cake*.   You can must vote in both categories.  If I could vote for myself and avoid this begging post I would but that is against the rules. #politics

For Most Innovative vote here

For Lifestyle vote here

Please also share this with as many people as possible via Facebook, Twitter or old skool word of mouth.   There are over 2000 entries and I need all the help I can get.  Voting closes on 1st December.

If you need any more persuasion – if I get to be shortlisted I promise to do my Tina Turner dance at the awards ceremony and you will get a personal thank you in the credits of my autobiography along with my Dad.

Thanks in advance – I love you all!

*dramatic sweeping arm gesture*

Love Soph x

*you will probably only get a cake if I work with you or you are within a five minute drive of my house. I’m desperate for votes but I’m not made of money.

**cake may not be suitable for those with nut, gluten, or meat based allergies.

21 thoughts on “If you vote for me I will buy you cake

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