I think I need a Time Out!


Hey there Dear Reader!

Something pretty great has happened to me this week and, just in case you were too distracted by Madonna taking a tumble, I will repeat it for you now.

I am officially a guest blogger for Time Out Manchester!!

I’ll give you a  second to let this sink in.


I know!

I was checking my emails early on in the week and one of the staff writers for the site contacted my via this very blog and asked if I would be interested.  We met up for a coffee and a chat on Wednesday evening. I tried to act like I wasn’t incredibly excited, it didn’t work but thankfully it didn’t put her off so she let me on-board.  How flippin cool is that!

Who would have thought that less than a year ago when I posted for the first time that I would now  be a blogger for Time Out magazine? Certainly not me and, if you are honest with yourself, probabaly not you either!

It’s ok. Unlike the Queen of Pop and that poor poor dancer who nearly strangled her, I will not banish you to the depths of hell with only your pleather horns for company.

In other words – I forgive you.

It's her own fault for dressing like a Matador for no apparent reason

If I had a penny for every time my goat/man pulled me down the stairs by my cape…


There is a slight issue in that I haven’t written anything yet and, as evidenced by my lack of post last week, I am not exactly flush with ideas but I am sure something will spring to mind.

The worst part of it is that I need a picture to go with my profile.  I may use all the Instagram so bear with it if the service is a little slower than usual tonight.

Filled with optimism I have decided to assess what other things I would like to achieve this year.

My New Year’s Resolution is to say Yes to more things.  The second part of my New Year’s Resolution was to try stand up comedy.  I dont know why I said that but I was tipsy and told everyone and now I think I have to do it.  They probably thought I meant I would try and put my feet together and actually Stand Up which we all know wouldn’t have worked given I can barely walk at the best of times.

It isn’t so much that I want to do stand up but I am really interested in how people write jokes. The thought of doing a routine absolutely terrifies me.  To put the final nail in the coffin, last night I went on a work night out to the Comedy Store.    I love seeing new comedians. Mainly because I like to feel all cool and hip when they end up on the tele and I can say I saw them first.  Like those people who saw the Beatles before they were famous.

This is an actual photograph of a pre-famous Beatles gig c/o http://i.imgur.com/pKwubkX.jpg

This is an actual photograph of a pre-famous Beatles gig – looks delightful.  c/o http://i.imgur.com/pKwubkX.jpg

If you want to check them out I would heartily recommend Rich Wilson, Jared Christmas , Sean Collins and Cal Doughty.  We found Cal at the bar after the show and I bombarded him with questions.  Considering he is only 22 and was sober I’m surprised he didn’t run away from me crying! He did think my tweet about Madonna was funny though so that’s a bonus!



After seeing how good the acts were I have changed my mind.  I think being funny is best left to the professionals.  That said I might be going to a stand up comedy class on Tuesday so you never know. It would be nice to be referred to as the Next Big Thing and not just because that’s the way my mum introduces me when I walk into the room.

If this week couldn’t get any better I just won a free dinner!!  Technically it is my second free dinner as my lovely pal Francesca bought me lunch.  I was supposed to pay her back but I totally forgot. And she bought me a coffee. And it is her birthday today.

I am a horrible friend.


Happy Birthday Frankie!!!

Happy Birthday Frankie!!!

Anyways we were wandering outside when we stumbled upon a big green dinosaur.  Turns out first person to tweet about said dinosaur wins a prize!


All in all this week has been pretty spectacular as weeks go.  No I didn’t get a boyfriend or lose 2 stone or win the lottery. But to put some perspective on it, my friend Claire ate part of her fork by accident when she was having her lunch, so it could have been a lot worse.

I know I should keep calm and not get too excited by the thing with Time Out.  I know that basking in the glory of an unpaid alternative career is not the best way to a) keep your current job that you actually enjoy and b) make your mum forget that you are living in her house to save a deposit.


Oh sod it – I’m gonna be famous!!!

Speak Soon

Soph (blogger at Time Out Manchester and don’t you forget it!) x


p.s. thanks to all you lovely people who said lovely things on facey-b.  I’ll try my best not to let Manchester down!






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