It’s Friday – Make Good Choices People!


Well helloo there Dear Reader!

It has been somewhat of a while (again) since we last spoke.  How’ve you been?

Ooh sounds painful.

Me? How nice of you to ask. I’ve been pretty good actually (aside from the obvious insanity of writing an imaginary conversation – see above)

The reason I have not been as prolific with my writing as I normally am is that this whole ice-skating thing may have got a tad out of hand.  I am genuinely obsessed.  It has got to the stage where you know the “cookies” on the computer which basically tell you what websites you look at. Well, before the pop up ads were always for wine, random dating sites and actual cookies, now it is all lycra, sequins and classical music.  Turns out I am a magnate for the diamante industry.

Don’t believe me? Here is what Amazon recommends I look at based on my recent searches:


And yes I do want a quality crystal ballpoint pen - who doesn't?!

And yes I do want a quality crystal ballpoint pen – I’m not an animal!

I think I am driving my friends round the bend.  More importantly I have had to be sober on at least three nights out now.  Don’t believe those people who tell you they can go out without having a drink and it doesn’t bother them.

They are lying.

Turns out it a lot more fun watching your friends slurring their words and hi-fiving each other when you are doing it too.  Otherwise there comes a point in the night when you realise just how irritating drunk people are and you start to think horrendous things about yourself like “maybe I would be happier if I just never drank again” and “please god don’t hide my car keys so I get home to bed before you all decide to go to the Tikki bar“.

No one needs that kind of thinking in their life!

I ruined it all by getting pretty drunk on Bank Holiday Monday and singing Shaggy to my skating coach.  I forget that that is not a good thing to do.  I was then a bit hungover whilst skating (not a good idea) and I am now covered in bruises.

In case you were getting worried, I will not be giving up alcohol again any time soon.


See, it’s for the kids!

The big competition is on 13th June – aaa! I did a competition recently at Deeside and came second! Fell over though but what else is new?

I refuse to be seen in public in Lycra unless absolutely necessary but to give you an idea – this is how scared I was before I went on:

I tried to make up for the lack of skill and ability wiht fake tan and eyeliner. It didn't work!

I tried to make up for the lack of skill and ability with fake tan and eyeliner. It didn’t work!

Now that you have the mental image of me in a leotard burned into your brain, I will distract you with other news.

I went to see S club 7.

You know – the “popular” “teen” “band” from the late nineteen nineties?

sclub7 (1)

This picture is so 2001 it makes me want to have a Red Aftershock and vomit!

Well they have reformed much to the nations delight and embarked on an arena tour! To be fair to them, it was pretty full and they put on a good show.  My friend Ben and I went and much wine was imbibed.  I know this post sounds like I am an actual alcoholic but you cannot go and see S Club 7 and not have a drink.  Tis the law – I mean Their Ain’t no Party like an S Club Party – am I right?

*oh god I think I have actually lost it

I also went to Wales this weekend.  Sadly I didn’t catch any mackerel but we did have an amazing time.  I feel quite at home on the boat!  It was my wonderful sister’s birthday.  31 years old.  That is terrifying for no other reason than it means that in 16 months time I will be 31 years old.

The difference being that my sister has a boyfriend with a boat and a house.

I have a hangover.


Sailing like a pro!

Sailing like a pro! Don’t judge me on the wine glass size!

If the ice-skating and the S Club 7 haven’t convinced you that I am a super cool person, I have the pleasure of informing you that I, Sophie Fox, am now master of the Cup song from Pitch Perfect.  I actually sat and did it at my desk for about an hour until the people I work with told me that I didn’t stop they would throw all the cups away and dangle me out of the fire escape my my little toes (or something to that effect).

If you haven’t seen Pitch Perfect – you must go and see it.  It is a mix of Bring It On and Glee.  Some of you would rather have boiling wax dripped on your eyeballs than watch this but I promise you it is brilliant!


What’s not to like?!


Tonight I am going to watch Pitch Perfect 2 with the girls from work.  We managed to wangle a free dinner at Gusto restaurant because we saw a man dressed in a dinosaur costume and tweeted about it.  Seriously – what on earth?

I’ll keep you updated on the skating news (as I know you can’t cope without it).  Also next week is very exciting as I am off to Barcelona for my friend Steph’s hen do! Eep!  I will try not to get robbed this holiday

When I think about the ridiculous situations I get myself in it is a wonder how I manage to be the mature, responsible, professional woman I turned out to be!

Now if you’ll excuse me I need to buy a skin coloured sports bra and a sombrero.

Speak Soon

Soph x




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