Sophie On Ice – The Results

Afternoon lovely person!

I know you are probably on the edge of your seat wanting to know how I got on at the British Ice Skating Championships..

*dramatic music and tension building drum roll

I only came blimmin first!!!! 

Me in my office on Monday

Me in my office on Monday

Apologies to those of you who are friends with me on Facebook or who work with me, or who have ever met my parents, you probably know all about this by now.  But for those very few of you who don’t – no I am not drunk or joking.  I actually won!!

I need to reign in your excitement a tad by reminding you that this was the British Adult Ice Skating Championships and I was in the Silver Level, not exactly triple axels.  Also I have to point out that I actually came second overall but the girl who won was in a younger age group than me so I won my age group. Huzzah – finally a reason to celebrate being old!

The whole weekend was just fab, we had a big group of us from my rink and everyone did really well.  I cant believe that my idiotic decision to go back to the ice in January led to this.

I thoroughly annoyed everyone I work with by wearing my medal all day on Monday and I even used it to blag a free cheeseboard in the pub that night so already my life is improving!

Why yes Channing Tatum, I do.

Why yes Channing Tatum, I do.

The only downside to telling everyone about my ice-skating escapades is that by now most people have seen the video. Oh god the video.  I may as well show you here so you know what I am talking about.  Believe me, if I had come last I would not be showing you this.

I can’t work out how to embed it to the post but if you click here, Select Sunday Part 3 and skip to about 39 mins in you can see me in all my diamante glory.  Props to Sandi Fox for spending the past two weeks vigorously gluing crystals to a skating dress for her 29 year old daughter.  Much appreciated x

The process aged her somewhat.

The process aged her somewhat.

I’m kidding , that is of course not my mum.  That is a 99 year old lady called Lillian Weber who sews clothes for children in Africa despite being nearly 100.  You can read her story here.  Kind of makes my mum gluing 1000 crystals on a skating dress seem a bit pathetic really. Sorry Sandi.

Speaking of age, I have hit a milestone.  From Wednesday 24th June 2015 there are only 100 days until I hit the BIG 30.



I know I have talked about this before and I don’t want to be one of those people that has a panic attack before their birthday and starts cycling to work and eating nothing but kale.  That said if the video above is anything to go by I should probably get rid of an extra few lbs.  When I asked my coach if I was the fattest one at the competition (blatantly fishing for a compliment) she innocently answered “No, don’t worry, there’s another one”.

Another one?!!

I half expected to see Shamu warming up for his short programme.

Show off.

Show off.

To cement the departure from my youth I have taken it upon myself to join weightwatchers.  As if I wasn’t annoying enough, as well as talking incessantly about ice-skating, I now regale my friends and family with the Pro Points values of everything they eat.

images (1)


Anyway, this is a pre-warning that for the foreseeable future I will be slightly more boring than normal on account that a bottle of wine is 18 points and I am only allowed 27 in a day! Sure I won’t have a bottle of wine every day but technically that’s only three large glasses and there is no way to end this sentence without sounding like a raving alcoholic so I’m just going to stop.

On Saturday night I managed a whole two hours before realising gin just doesn’t work in the same way as wine, so I had three large glasses and a shot of tequila.

My willpower isn’t great.


Notable exceptions are for weddings and hen-dos which is lucky as I seem to have a load of these at the moment.  Two weekends ago I went to Barcelona for an amazing three days for Steph’s hen-do.  There are too many hilarious stories to tell you here but it was incredible! We all came back with acute laringitis from shouting and laughing so much.  Not ideal when you have a Championships to train for (just in case you forgot about that already).

Tomorrow I am at my friend Helen’s hen-do.  I can’t say what we are doing because I don’t know if she knows yet and I am rubbish with secrets.  It is the same bunch of crazies that I went to Blackpool with so it won’t exactly be quiet.

It is shaping up to be a very good weekend.  To compensate I’m heading to the gym as you are reading this.

What the hell has happened to me??!!

If I start doing ridiculous things like signing up for sponsored runs or ordering that stupid pizza with the hole in the middle, please take me to one side, slap me across the face and remind me that I am Sophie Fox, yes I may want a “normal” BMI and not be “at risk” of “heart disease” but I would also fist fight a toddler for a five fingered Kit Kat.

YES this exists!

YES this exists!


Speak soon

Soph x

3 thoughts on “Sophie On Ice – The Results

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  2. Absolutely brilliant Sophie. Well done. Pass my email to your mum and tell her to get in touch. Laura is 30 on bonfire night so both big milestones. Love to Lucy too. Julie xx


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