Hi there

By clicking on this page you are either incredibly bored or you are furious that I have used a picture without your permission.

I do not have permission to use any of the pictures I post on this website.  The majority of them come from a simple Google search and I have tried to link back to the original owner where possible.

If you are the genius that has created a picture that I have used and would like me to take it down please email and I will do so.

Book covers

The book covers that are in my home page and How I Met Your Father posts are books that I have genuinely read by wonderfully funny women.  I urge you all to buy them and you can find links to them here.

Mindy Kaling – Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

Tina Fey – Bossypants

Lena Dunham – Not That Kind Of Girl

Jennifer Saunders – Bonkers My Life In Laughs

Dawn French – Dear Fatty

Ellen DeGeneres – Seriously I’m Kidding

Amy Poehler – Yes Please

Francesca Martinez – What the *** Is Normal

If you are a publisher of the said books and want me to take down the images please let me know – and may I say how lovely you are looking today.

Any picture I use is with the best of intentions.  Please don’t sue me, okay?

The quotes on my own “autobiographies”, Well, That Was Painful and Oh Balls, It Happened Again are a figment of my overactive imagination and are in no way, shape or form to be taken seriously. Apart from the one by my mum. She actually did say that.

Sincerely yours

Soph x

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