You had me at Lipo

I told you at the start of all this blog malarkey that I didn’t want to be Bridget Jones. This is still true.

Nobody WANTS to be Bridget Jones.

I also don’t WANT to be a “smidge” overweight, have incredibly poor eyesight and Richmond Sausages for fingers but whaddayagonnado?

When I look in the mirror, where once there stood a pimply teenager full of hopes and dreams, now there stares back a woman-child that looks a little deader behind the eyes and squishier round the waist.  Still pimply though so I’ve not totally changed.  *air high-5!*

According to recent papers the only single woman over the age of 27 who doesn’t look just a teensy bit like Bridget Jones is Renee Zellweger.  Oh the irony!


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