So Many Activities So Little Time

Hi there Dear Reader,

How’s it going?

mm hmm, really? wow! Thanks for the update.

If you can’t already tell by the previous sentence I may have gone a little mad.

Turns out I am not very good at multitasking, which is not ideal when I am combining a pretty stressful day job, ice-skating training  (yes this is still happening), writing this little bubble of joy AND now writing for Time Out.  You’d think I’d be so busy I wouldn’t have time to eat but somehow I have managed to maintain my cuddly exterior.

Sod’s blimmin law.

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For Auld Lang Syne!


I am genuinely impressed with myself that I am dressed as I am writing this (sorry boys).  Not only that but it is also mid-afternoon and I am 100% sober AND I have not had any chocolate today.  I am sat eating a chunk of Christmas ham but in my defence, I cooked it and it is delicious!

Cooked like Nigella only without the heaving bosom and inappropriate licking of spoons

Cooked like Nigella only without the heaving bosom and inappropriate licking of spoons.

In case you have been wondering where I have been hiding for the past week or so, I have managed to divide my time equally between the pub, the fridge and my bed so if you haven’t been in any of those places then chances are we have not crossed Christmassy paths.

Believe me – if someone had been in my fridge you guys would be the first to know!

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It’s like 10,000 views when all you need is a knife…

It’s like meeting the man of my dreams, and then realising I am actually still asleep, I am late for work, and Colonel Sanders died in 1980.

Bloody Hell! 10,000 views!

In keeping with previous viewing milestones, this is equivalent to the number of glasses of wine I drank on Saturday x 10. (I wish I was kidding!)

I bet you thought I’d have given up by now, but sadly I am continuing to write this god forsaken blog until someone pays me not to. Thanks for reading – love you all.


Soph x



What To Expect When You’re Not Expecting


Dear Reader

I have HUGE news.



I’ve been struggling to get my head around this for the past 3 months or so and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t really nervous about telling you.

The thing is that I’m not sure I am ready for the responsibility, not to mention the additional expense and the sleepless nights.  I’m not in a relationship so to have this extra thing in my life and to be doing it all by myself is scary and I hope people won’t judge me for it.

At first I thought I couldn’t go through with it but I have got used to the idea and I’m really excited.  So, in spite of my reservations I’ve decided that these things happen for a reason and I am going to embrace this next step in my life…

Here goes…

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The more Facebook follows I get, the less likely I am to die alone. Right?

The rumours are true folks – lock up your USB sticks, delete your naked photos, and reinforce your passwords – this kid has discovered social media!

Scroll your pretty little peepers to the right of the screen and you will note that Sophie, She Wrote (or SSW as the kool kidz I call it) now has its own Facebook page – Huzzah! I am also on Twitter. Ka-Blam!

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Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world

I had to walk into yours.

Sorry about that.

Typical barman after I've been in.

Typical barman after I’ve been in.

This is the completely opposite post to my declaration of sobriety last week. Turns out, I may be able to survive without meat and carbs but Sophie Anna Fox aged 28 and ¾ really struggles to exist without wine.

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This one time, in Blackpool…

What do you get when you cross 30 chicks, 1 hen, 7 drag queens, copious amounts of wine and a British seaside town?

The answer: A flippin’ great weekend and, if you are me, the flu.


This is actually us – Hen Jen is on the table. I am hiding somewhere on the left.

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