I’d like to thank The Academy

I know I’m confusing you with these Wednesday posts but I had to as I’ve been nominated for an award! Oscar? No. Emmy? No. Slimmer of The Year? Not likely seen as my gym bag has been untouched in my office for the past week.

I have been nominated for the Liebster Award.  Its a weird award/chain letter combo without the threat that if you don’t pass it on you’ll have seven years bad luck.  You get nominated by your fellow bloggers and I have Britney Lee to at All Things Britney Lee to thank for mine. It basically says they think your blog is nice.

If you have not seen the film Pay It Forward I urge you to do so immediately, but not if you are feeling in any way depressed as it will tip you right over the edge. It highlights the two different opinions about these kind of awards.



Haley Joel Osment is either saving the world one good deed at a time or starting his own Ponzi scheme depending on your point of view.


Some people think its crap, but I think that until we become as famous as Perez Hilton we could all do with a little bit of help and it is lovely that other people like what you do. 

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The more Facebook follows I get, the less likely I am to die alone. Right?

The rumours are true folks – lock up your USB sticks, delete your naked photos, and reinforce your passwords – this kid has discovered social media!

Scroll your pretty little peepers to the right of the screen and you will note that Sophie, She Wrote (or SSW as the kool kidz I call it) now has its own Facebook page – Huzzah! I am also on Twitter. Ka-Blam!

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