No Mum, I am not gay (and other things that happened this week)

Hi there

How’ve you been?

I’m not too bad thank you – yes I have lost a little weight how nice of you to notice! (I haven’t but you can’t see me so I can pretend)

I went to Blackpool again this week for Katie’s 30th!  Had a wonderful time. Did my Tina Turner dance.  Seriously, it is starting to be a real problem.  Other than that same old same old.

I know this goes against every blogging rule in the book but it is safe to say that not much has happened this week aside from the above.  I won’t be offended if you switch off here, maybe make yourself a brew, have a gander at Netflix.  I promise I won’t get mad.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you

Right, now we’ve got rid of those hangers on, we can have a proper chat.

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