How I Met Your Father – Episode 1


Chapter 1.

It was 31st October 2014, 7 years before you were born and 11 years before North West went into rehab for the first time. I had had a particularly dull week at work and was looking forward to the Halloween party your Auntie Tess was throwing at her new flat.

Tarquin, will you please put your hologram down, I’m trying to tell you a story.  

Life in 2014 was very different from what it is now. For a start Katie Price was only 83% Teflon and Kris Jenner was still your average momager not the leader of North Korea (or North Kardashian-Korea as it is now known).

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The more Facebook follows I get, the less likely I am to die alone. Right?

The rumours are true folks – lock up your USB sticks, delete your naked photos, and reinforce your passwords – this kid has discovered social media!

Scroll your pretty little peepers to the right of the screen and you will note that Sophie, She Wrote (or SSW as the kool kidz I call it) now has its own Facebook page – Huzzah! I am also on Twitter. Ka-Blam!

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