For Auld Lang Syne!


I am genuinely impressed with myself that I am dressed as I am writing this (sorry boys).  Not only that but it is also mid-afternoon and I am 100% sober AND I have not had any chocolate today.  I am sat eating a chunk of Christmas ham but in my defence, I cooked it and it is delicious!

Cooked like Nigella only without the heaving bosom and inappropriate licking of spoons

Cooked like Nigella only without the heaving bosom and inappropriate licking of spoons.

In case you have been wondering where I have been hiding for the past week or so, I have managed to divide my time equally between the pub, the fridge and my bed so if you haven’t been in any of those places then chances are we have not crossed Christmassy paths.

Believe me – if someone had been in my fridge you guys would be the first to know!

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Why is the Nativity like the Great British Bake Off?

Because the star is in the Yeast!!

(ba dum dum chhhh!)

Whilst you are busy sewing your sides together after that hysterical joke – I am thrilled to announce that it has been listed in the top ten of the best (or worst) Christmas cracker jokes of 2014 by UKTV Gold! Continue reading

If you vote for me I will buy you cake

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Dear Reader, It seems like we’ve been together for forever I know.  In reality it has been just over 5 months.  To make you feel better that is more than twice the length of the average celebrity marriage and the longest relationship I’ve had since Cadbury’s brought out the yard of Dairy Milk a few years ago.


Who am I kidding, of course I ate it all in one go!

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No Mum, I am not gay (and other things that happened this week)

Hi there

How’ve you been?

I’m not too bad thank you – yes I have lost a little weight how nice of you to notice! (I haven’t but you can’t see me so I can pretend)

I went to Blackpool again this week for Katie’s 30th!  Had a wonderful time. Did my Tina Turner dance.  Seriously, it is starting to be a real problem.  Other than that same old same old.

I know this goes against every blogging rule in the book but it is safe to say that not much has happened this week aside from the above.  I won’t be offended if you switch off here, maybe make yourself a brew, have a gander at Netflix.  I promise I won’t get mad.


Don’t say I didn’t warn you

Right, now we’ve got rid of those hangers on, we can have a proper chat.

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This one time, in Blackpool…

What do you get when you cross 30 chicks, 1 hen, 7 drag queens, copious amounts of wine and a British seaside town?

The answer: A flippin’ great weekend and, if you are me, the flu.


This is actually us – Hen Jen is on the table. I am hiding somewhere on the left.

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