Why is the Nativity like the Great British Bake Off?

Because the star is in the Yeast!!

(ba dum dum chhhh!)

Whilst you are busy sewing your sides together after that hysterical joke – I am thrilled to announce that it has been listed in the top ten of the best (or worst) Christmas cracker jokes of 2014 by UKTV Gold! Continue reading

To do List of Sophie Fox aged 29.18

Dearest Reader,

Thank you for all your patience with me yelling at you about the UK Blog Awards.  You’ll be pleased to know that voting has now closed so I cant harass you about it any more.  Feel free to put away your stress balls and voodoo dolls in my image, I will be nice from now on I promise!

I did something very stupid today.  At work we use statistics a lot to calculate people’s life expectancy.  In a moment of sheer madness I decided to put in my own date of birth and see how long I have left to live.

If you ever feel tempted to do this, trust me. Don’t!

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UK Blog Awards voting closes today – Do Eeeet Naaau!

I’ve been very nice about this so far and if you have voted already I am eternally grateful! If you haven’t – today is the last day to vote for Sophie, She Wrote in UK Blog Awards.  I will love you forever if you do.  I will hold a grudge against you forever if you don’t.



They have had nearly 40,000 votes for 2000 entries.  There is no way I can compete with that – but I am damn well going to try!

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If you vote for me I will buy you cake

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Dear Reader, It seems like we’ve been together for forever I know.  In reality it has been just over 5 months.  To make you feel better that is more than twice the length of the average celebrity marriage and the longest relationship I’ve had since Cadbury’s brought out the yard of Dairy Milk a few years ago.


Who am I kidding, of course I ate it all in one go!

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Sophie She Vote!


Evening Dear Reader,

I need your help on Monday.  I’ll get to why in a minute, but first I need to explain something for legal reasons.

In case you haven’t noticed, I have become obsessed with autobiographies of funny women (see header to blog for further info).  Whilst I attempted my own memoir last week, this week, to my dismay, I discovered that Jennifer Saunders has already written my life story.

In the first two chapters of her bestselling book Bonkers, not only does she mention that she used to mime the flute in the orchestra, but she also says she wants to be an archaeologist, AND she’s from Cheshire.  This is my life! Continue reading